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The Six Fundamentals for a Successful and Abundant Life

We all have different perceptions of what a successful and abundant life should be like, but there is no denying that success and abundance is not limited to the amount of money that you make or the number of properties that you own. The core meaning of success and abundance is mainly based on a person’s view of life and how that person lives it. In fact, there are no ‘helpless losers' or ‘sure winners', when it comes to success. Each and every one of us is able to become successful with our aspirations and achieve abundance in physical, spiritual and mental enrichment.

abundant-life-fundamentalsBelow are the Six fundamentals for a Successful and Abundant life that, I hope, will help you to achieve your dreams, overcome any setbacks that you might encounter on your way and appreciate the process at the same time!

1. Having a clear goal.

When you envision the life and person you want to be, you have taken a big step toward getting there. As opposed to floating aimlessly with the uncertainty of destination, having a clear goal keeps you closely centered on yourself. Of course, this follows that your goal is rooted on your core desire. It is much easier to follow your heart than to be floating amid the external demands of who you must be from other people.

When you are focused on what you truly want, you take the first and possibly most important step to turning invisible desires into tangible results.

2. Committing to action.

The foremost reason why people achieve their goals is because they are committed to action. This means sticking to their vision and thus, finding ways to remain motivated. People who are action-oriented are likely to stay motivated. They have the capacity and emotional intelligence to dig deep into themselves, just to ensure that their decisions are aligned with their goal, core values and abilities. This makes them skillful at weighing up matters to give them a better perspective and enables them to move forward and grow their financial and spiritual wealth.

3. Having a positive attitude.

Our world is ever changing, and often, it does not change in our favor. But having a fundamental attitude of positivity will still keep pushing us to success and abundance. This attitude is about being able to change routes without going off-course to achieving our goal. When there are helpful but unseen events, we must adapt and hold on to such changes positively. It is a jump-start to moving on and being in control of dealing with any challenges that we might encounter on our way.

Having a positive attitude is about being realistic about the difficulties and problems you encounter, yet still choosing to be thankful, hopeful and pro-active about resolving them.

4. Practicing success skills.

No success and no level of abundance can be achieved through luck. Behind every famous person who has attained winning status is someone who has worked hard at it. Success and abundance, in whatever form, is something that needs you to learn to build on your strengths and know how to make up for you weaknesses.

  • What success qualities do you already posses? How can you use them in the best possible way?
  • What skills do you have to develop?
  • And what do you need to do to compensate for your weaknesses? Sometimes it is as simple as collaborating with people, who posses certain skills that you lack. And sometimes it is about adjusting your plans a little.

5. Creating an environment of success.

When we believe in ourselves, we become a person of success. When we have clear goals and take appropriate actions, we become a person capable of achieving abundance. But what about the rest of the world that surrounds us? This then calls for us to create an environment for success.

To do so means being with people whose mindset is in sync with ours and shifting the physical areas where we live into a place that speaks of our goal, motivation and action. This can be anything from getting a comfortable office chair to placing around us simple yet powerful reminders of our life’s goal and actions needed to be taken toward achieving it.

6. Staying healthy.

Without doubt, a person’s health is their greatest wealth. Apart from physical fitness and well-being, this also means being emotionally and spiritually healthy. Your body is the vehicle that will bring you closer to success. Thus, it is essential to keep it nourished, fit and strong. To do so means having a healthy diet, exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle as well as practicing spiritual and mental enrichment activities.

When you posses all these fundamentals for success and abundance, there is no denying it is going to be a well-lived life – One that is filled with purpose, driven with positivity and goodness and constantly celebrated with gratitude and joy.

  • Daniel Wood
    May 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I would like to add a seventh point to this list.


    You need to stick with it in the face of failure, since success is always one step behind. If you have a clear goal and work towards it every day and never give up, you never will have to.

    • Arina
      May 13, 2011 at 6:39 am

      I’m glad that you pointed that out, Daniel! Persistence is often a direct result of commitment, but they are not the same things. 
      Commitment is an act of binding ourselves to a certain course of action. It is our determination to succeed. Persistence is a ‘fuel’ that propels us towards achieving our goals, even in the face of setbacks and failures. To succeed you need both.

      Thanks for the great observation! 

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