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Give Your Best: The Wise Approach To Happiness From the Real Guru

happinessDon’t put limits on the Universe!” – was the first thought that popped into my mind as I was entering the huge stadium in the suburbs of Milan. I was there to see a press conference given by… you’d never guess… His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama! Himself!

If a few years ago someone had told me that this was going to happen, I’d probably have laughed, thinking that it was the craziest joke I had ever heard. But I am a believer now – if the Universe has a dinner with a Johnny Depp planned for me, so be it… I’ll take it humbly any day!

But back to the Dalai Lama’s lecture on happiness…

There is one concept that I would like to share with you, because I believe it can help you look at many life situations differently, more patiently, more wisely.

This concept talks about the underlying cause of all our unhappiness and misery. And no, it has nothing to do with past failures, lack of money or even a stupid boss.

To the Dalai Lama the cause of our problems lays in our ignorance. Although, it is not the kind of ignorance we usually think about. It is not the “lack of knowledge” or the “lack of education”.

Ignorance to His Holiness is an erroneous understanding of cause and effect.

Think about it…

Isn’t it ignorant to think that by tweaking the truth we can actually benefit in some way? Or that by fighting and guilt-tripping others we can solve our relationship problems? Or that by doing something half-heartedly we can still achieve outstanding results?

There is no way of outsmarting the Universe. Whatever thoughts, actions and attitudes we release inevitably come back to us in one form or another. We always get what we deserve  and there is a great story that demonstrates this point.

A boy and a girl were playing in a park together. The boy had a collection of colorful marbles while the girl had brought a bag of sweets with her. The boy wanted chocolate so much that he actually offered the girl to trade his marbles for the bag of sweets. She readily agreed, so the boy took out his marbles and gave them to the girl. All except for one… He left his biggest and the most beautiful marble laying safely in his pocket.

Later that night the boy could not fall asleep. He tossed and turned tormented by one thought – what if the girl had kept some of her finest chocolates the way he had hidden his best marble?

The moral of this story is simple – there is no short-term gain without long-term consequences!

If you don’t try hard enough you will live the rest of your life wondering whether you had been destined for something greater. If you don’t give your 100% in a relationship, you will always suspect the other person in not being there for you. If you don’t make an effort to forgive those who have hurt you in the past, you will be the one pushing people away.

But it does not have to be that way.

Because every positive thought, every small action of kindness, every little step that you take towards becoming a better person will manifest itself into more happiness, more satisfying relationships and greater peace of mind. Understand this and 80% of your problems will disappear.

In the meantime – Be honest with yourself. Be loving. Be wise.
And… Never-ever put limits on the Universe!

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  • shukri
    July 17, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    The utmost sincerely written essay that I’ve ever read; I just can’t stop reading and re-reading it over and over again…it sounds, tastes, smells, and feels so faithful, so innocent of human cruelties…great, as ever,  Arinushka 🙂

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