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30 Days Challenge

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Welcome! Here's where to start!

Arina's here and I am happy to welcome you on my blog!

Since January 2009, I do my  best to:

  • Inspire you and drive you into consistent action.
  • Realize your true potential (hint: it's unlimited) and achieve your wildest goals.
  • Help you discover the mindset behind success and learn how to integrate your into your everyday thinking.

Since this may be your first time, I’ve put this page together to guide you through my best materials.

First things first: Arina Who?

arinanikitina Here are some boring facts about me: I am 34, married to a super-patient husband, I am blessed with 3 kids and 3 more step-kids, and as a true introvert I love reading and hiding in secret places so the lovely bunch of children won't be able to find me. (Of course, they always do.)

Right now we live in Latvia (good luck finding it on the map), where I continue to study success principles and how goal getting (not goal setting) truly works.

For my full story you can read this page.

You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. If you have some personal questions feel free to reach me via this form.

Free stuff (that you will love)

6 Minute Morning Ritual

You can download my 6 Minute Morning Ritual which (you can guess) only takes 6 minutes, but the effect is mind-blowing:

  • you will boost your energy
  • you will skyrocket your productivity
  • you will start your day focused, excited, and passionate

Download it here:


Ultimate Wake Up System

Discover my exact system of waking up at 5.50am in the morning for 467 days straight in a row without fail.

  • Find out what strategy I used to set up an external conditions in place so I jumped out of bed at 5.50am every morning on autopilot!
  • Discover how you can use the inevitability thinking to become an early riser.
  • Get 3 powerful ideas that will help you set up your own bullet-proof wake up system.

Download here!

Ultimate Time Management Exercise

Watch the short 6-minute video and discover a very powerful system that will help you decide what you really should be doing and what you should be focusing your time on.

  • Find your personal magic zone that will make it easy to define your priorities.
  • What is the productivity pyramid and how you can use it to start living a fulfilling life.
  • Discover the biggest myth of time management that causes frustration, procrastination, and fatigue.

Download here!

30-Days Real Motivation Bootcamp

Join me for the next 30 days to boost your motivation and energy to achieve you goals, take control of your life and become a person everyone looks up to!

  • Master your motivation and keep your energy high to achieve your goals
  • Develop success habits and rituals that will help you achieve your goals and turn all your wishes into reality
  • Keep yourself focused on the things that matter, not letting outside circumstances or other people dictate your personal and work choices

Download here!

The Ultimate Productivity Exercise

See how this powerful 60-minute exercise can reboot your brain and instantly boost your focus and productivity.

  • Find out how to experience the higher level of thinking and boost your creativity by removing ______ from your mind.
  • Discover one single thing that causes friction and ruins your productivity and how to eliminate it forever.
  • Get the 7-step plan that will clear your mind and improve your focus.

Download here!

The Ultimate Self-talk Hack

Watch free video and discover how to instantly turn your negative self-talk into motivational speech.

  • Get a psychological edge that could help you perform better and be less anxious.
  • Instantly tap into your inner coach.
  • Turn your self-talk into empowering motivational speech on autopilot.

Download here!

How to Finish What You Start

Watch free 20-minutes video training and discover how to develop the finishers habit for major breakthrough

  • Why we stop believing in ourselves and loose energy? (and what to do to stop this)
  • Practical 2-minute exercise that will make you feel motivated, focused, and in charge of your life.
  • 5 effective strategies to act now

Download here!

Find Your Life Purpose In 6 Minutes

See how this powerful 6-minute meditation can help you discover your true life purpose.

  • Find out exactly what you should do with your life and how you can make this world a better place by pursuing your passion.
  • Learn what your hidden strengths are (often you are completely unaware of them!).
  • Discover your inner calling so you can achieve the greatness you've always had inside you.

Download here!

Read To Succeed 30 Days Challenge

You can also join me in 30 Days Read to Succeed Challenge where we establish one of the crucial success habits – daily reading – and share our insights in the private group to motivate and inspire each other.

You can check the next challenge start day here.

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You can also view the full archive here.

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