Why Most Success Advice
Is Responsible For
Your Failed Goals, Lack Of Results, and Self-Doubt?

My name is Arina and today I want to share with you the reason why most success advice is responsible for your failed goals, lack of results, and self-doubt.

Before I share it with you, ask yourself first…

Where are you in life right now?

I know that there was time in my life when I lived in constant fear that there won’t be a big breakthrough for me. That I would give up every single goal that I’d set for myself. That I was doomed to go to bed every night feeling like a total failure. I knew what I wanted my life to be. I understood that I need to be working towards my dreams. But at the end of the day I always came up short, blaming myself for lack of focus, lack of consistency, lack of motivation, lack of willpower, lack of whatever may be lacking to someone, who feels lost and short-changed by life.

Fortunately for me, I finally figured how to break this cycle of inactivity and self-blame.   

Speaking from my experience and experience of hundreds other people that I have coached and talked to, there are several reasons why you life may not be as successful as You want it to be.

Why Your Life Is Not As Successful
As You Want It To Be

1) You fail to take consistent action to work towards your most important goals

2) You don’t have a crystal-clear actionable plan

But here's the big one...

3) You Are Confused by Ineffective, OBVIOUS and Even Harmful Self-Help Advice

This is exactly what happened to me…

Don’t get me wrong, there is some good advice up there, but the devastating majority of it is too generic or too ineffective.

Every motivation coach is telling you that you need to have a razor-sharp focus and unstoppable motivation to achieve your goals.

Great advice!

I agree.

But they don’t tell you HOW to develop your focus or improve build up your motivation. Instead they tell you to take responsibility for your life, your successes and your failures.

Another great advice!


Responsibility for your failures
lack or clear directions and knowledge
self-blame, guilt-tripping, even lower motivation and as a result disappointments and even depression.

Since you are the one, who should have been working on improving your focus and you are not working on it, you are the only one to blame. Right?


When I studies psychology in University of Biccoca in Italy, I accidentally stumbled on the ground-breaking research of Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall - the pioneering expert of the field of Advanced Behavioral Modeling and accelerating learning.

Dr. Woodsmall said that “education equals behavior change”.

It is so important, that I am going to say it once again:

It means that if after reading something or hearing about something, you actions don’t change, it’s not knowledge. It’s information. And it’s useless.

Think of how many self-help books have you bought, how many motivational speakers have you listened to, how many success secrets have you learned… and did NOTHING!

Well here is the staggering truth…

It’s NOT Your Fault!

You have been given Information. Not Transformation. That’s why there are no results!

It drives me crazy to see people sleepwalking through life when I KNOW there’s an exciting transformation in them just BEGGING to be released!

Somewhere within you, the REAL you is SCREAMING for a chance at life. Maybe there’s a part of you that sometimes wishes you could scrap it all and start all over again – this time living life on YOUR terms. Achieving what you know you are capable of achieving, developing that powerful consistency that you believed you never had.

I wish I could reach out right now, grab you by the shoulders and SHAKE this into you, because you simply must understand this before another day goes by…

It’s Not Too Late To Turn Every Tiny Area of Your Life Into Massive Success!

I know that YOU can live the life you have always strived for. Not 5, 10 or 50 years from now. Much faster and easier than you would have hoped for even in your wildest dreams. In fact, there is a rock-solid guarantee that in 3 months you can achieve more and enjoy more success in your life than you have in the past 3 years.

What’s more - these 3 months will rocket-fuel your progress; give you an unfair head-start in achieving your finance, relationships and career success and put an end to any procrastination and inner resistance that you might have had.

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Real Success is a 12–week Advanced Training created for people, who feel that they have hit a growth plateau in their career, exercise routine or personal life. By the way, “growth plateau” is a technical term for saying there is no growth.

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I can promise you that there is no motivation fluff. There are no “success formulas” or “long-hidden secrets”. 

Only concentrated, practical knowledge that is based on rock-solid psychological research and techniques that you can take and apply today and see actual results.

I don’t even want to call it “training”, it is more like a journey, where I take you by a hand and guide you step-by-step until you reach your goals.

This journey will bring you on the edge of your seat, it will steal your breath away, it will be a little scary some times, and other times very exciting, it will be filled with discoveries, treasures, and “aha-moments”.

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How Real Success Training Will Work:

Let me tell you how this training will work.

All you need is an access to the internet and one free hour a day. If you can’t find one hour a day, I don’t think you should take this course. I won’t be able to help you.

Also some of the techniques that I give you during this training are pretty counter-intuitive. So if you are someone, who knows it all, done it all and think that it is not going to work – I don’t want you on my training. Please close this page right now. I mean it.

If you are still here, here is how the course will work?

Every workday for 12 weeks you will receive an email from me with one lesson. Your job is to read the lesson and complete an exercise.

Here is just a small part of what you will learn when you get Real Success 12-Week Advanced Course:

Week 1:

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And here is just a fraction of real-life results that people experience once they start Real Success training:

”I made a major progress with my book writing! I modified the workflow, which is enabling me to process about 100 memos per hour (instead of 15-20 previously), so my productivity went up more then 500%!
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“...Lots of good things came out of it. In the beginning I was feeling very insecure and uncomfortable, but my perception of being out of place and a failure completely changed after I applied the principles you taught me. Thank you for the valuable info! Instant reward for me, for sure.”
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“I am loving your workshop! My co-workers are starting to ask me each day what have I done to become so energized and happy... I’m not sure I want to share my secret! ”
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Now let me address the question that is probably on your mind...

How much the training costs?

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Arina Nikitina