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make mistakesScientists have estimated that it takes a worm about 100 erroneous tries before it learns that turning left leads to pain (small electroshock) and turning right leads to pleasure (food).

In theory we have been blessed with intellectual, analytical skills and cognitive abilities that are a million times superior than those of a worm. In practice, there are times when we find ourselves dumbstruck, wondering why have we done something so stupid… AGAIN!

While we might not always be able to avoid making mistakes all together, there are a few things we can do to reduce their frequency.

How Not to Make the Same Mistakes?

1. Appreciate yourself.

Taking every little mistake too close to heart, influences our self image and brings our confidence down, which, in turn, leads to more failures and lower self-esteem. Do not beat yourself up for what has gone wrong. There is a huge difference between “trying your best” and “doing everything you are theoretically capable of doing”. Always strive to do your best, but do not approach every task as a personal life challenge.

2. Break the habit.

Have you ever taken the wrong way going somewhere and when, weeks later, you went to the same place, you automatically turned to go in the wrong direction again? As if the erroneous part of the road has been included in the directions that your mind remembered.

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When it comes to achieving excellence in life - improving how you think, act, and the results you get - it doesn't just happen by chance or half-hearted, occasional effort. It *only* happens when you decide to make practicing excellence a daily, consistent habit. Watch this video to discover a unique system that shows you exactly how to go about creating and using your own personal, daily...

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back pain reliefHave your parents ever told you to stand up straight? Maybe they have even poked your back when you were least expecting it to remind you not to slouch?

My parents did it all the time. Especially my mom.

It used to annoy me tremendously, to the point where when I caught myself slouching I did nothing to correct my posture.

Today no one tells me to keep my back straight. Instead the occasional neck and shoulder pain reminds me about it.

In reality, the benefits of having perfect posture go far beyond simple back pain prevention. In many cases proper posture reduces tension headaches, fatigue and eye strain, improves blood circulation and digestion, enhances sleep and makes us appear younger and more confident.

Unfortunately, overcoming bad posture habits is not that easy, especially for those of us who work in front of a computer all day.

I do not know about you, but I do a lot of sitting these days. I sit at my desk for 6-7 hours. I sit as I drive home. I sit at the dinner table with my family. I sit during the long intercontinental flights between the US and Italy. I sit while I wait for my appointments.

All this sitting puts a lot of strain on my back.

I have to go to great lengths to correct my posture and stop myself from slumping and tensing my shoulders.

Here is a complete list of 10 Easy Tips  for Perfect Posture that I find very helpful:

1. Learn what perfect posture feels like

For those of us, who have been slouching for years, sitting or standing with a straight back may feel weird and even uncomfortable. This is the power of habit. If you want to break it, you need to know what proper posture feels like.

Try this: raise your head, free up your diaphragm by straightening your back area, and roll your shoulders back, sort of relaxing them into the correct position. You can double check yourself by making sure that your ears, shoulders and hips make one straight line. As you straighten your spine, you will notice that it becomes much easier to breathe.

2. Try the Balloon Method

What I call “The Balloon Method” is a little visualization exercise that I learned years ago when I was doing artistic gymnastics. This visualization alone has done miracles to improve my posture.

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It has become a tradition to invite the New Year into our life by making plans for the future and setting resolutions. By the way, have you ever wondered why the goals that we set on the 31st of December are called “resolutions” and not, for example, “objectives”? It is because we attempt to “re-solve” the same problems, reform the same...

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goal setting“One reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they don’t know what part of them choose the goal.” ~ John Kehoe


Let me tell you a little story…

A man took a ladder, put it next to a wall and started climbing. He climbed as fast as he could. His legs were constantly slipping, a few times he almost fell. Yet he kept on climbing… When his physical exhaustion started to take over, his hand finally reached the top of the wall. Regaining his strength, he made the last effort to push himself up and sit down. But as he looked around, his smile faded and a paralyzing thought crept in to his soul, “It is the wrong wall!

Similar, we often choose to pursue a goal that we think we want and spend weeks, months, and even years accomplishing it. But after the initial excitement wears off, we are left feeling strangely empty, tired and disoriented, because we realize that our accomplishments have not made us any happier.

It is hard to explain why we spend so much time in learning all the goal setting how-to’s, planning, visualizing, making sure that we have all the right tools to secure our success, but completely forget to check if our goal is aligned with our value, passions, character, desired lifestyle and life purpose.

I see people, climbing the wrong wall all the time: a lawyer, who dreams to be a writer; a student who slacks off in college, because he is not interested in studying economy or business; a housewife, who does not feel appreciated for her efforts and dreams about having more independence; a top manager, who is going through a divorce, because his personal life shattered while he was making his career. All these people made the same mistake at some point – they chose a goal that they thought they SHOULD WANT instead of taking time to reflect on what is it that they TRULY WANT.

If you want more in life than just leading a comfortable lifestyle, if you are unsure what goal to pursue, if you are tired of other people telling you what you should and should not want, if you cannot seem to stick to your goal for more than two weeks, it is time to figure out the goals that are right for you!

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The story seems pretty simple: an ordinary homeless guy, just like one of the many we see on the streets almost daily, is asking for change.

Only the man is not so ordinary and the change he asks for is not the kind of change you might think of.

To me this video is the best example of true charity. Charity that does not start with a thousand-dollar check written in the name of a philanthropic organization, but one that starts deep in the heart, with compassion and awareness of the needs of other people.

If you have just ten free minutes today, use them to watch this video!

Could you be the change in somebody's life today?

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The holiday season is a wonderful time. The air is filled with joy, anticipation, the twinkling of lights and the sounds of holiday music. And without noticing, we get into a Holiday mood, buying and wrapping gifts, spending more time with friends and focusing on the people that mean the most to us.

The only problem I see during the Holiday season is food, or to be more specific it is the QUANTITY.

Usually in the four weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year I gain a few pounds which I later have to lose. This year is going to be different!

And it can be different for you as well.

Instead of kicking off the New Year with a resolution to lose weight, why not make a Pre-resolution to stay fit and heartburn-free over the holidays?

Here are 22 Great Tips that can help us have a great time without putting on extra weight:

1. Have a smaller variety of food on the table.

The greater the number of dishes on the table, the more we and our guests will end up eating. The temptation to sample a little bit of everything is what makes us feel stuffed, sleepy and bloated before the dinner is over.

You can serve fewer dishes and still make your holiday dinner feel festive. A great way to do this is to put the same appetizers and snacks into 2-3 smaller bowls and set them on different sides of the table. If you have vegetarians for dinner you can also make similar salads in two versions: vegetarian and not.

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self-helpDo you set reminders on your iPhone or PC, so that you do not forget about work meetings, medical appointments, relatives’ birthdays and other important tasks?

And what about self-help reminders that help you to stay grounded, optimistic, creative and focused throughout the day?

I have plenty of these around my house. They might not make sense to anyone except for me, but they help me to cultivate awareness and stay focused on things I would most likely forget to do.

For example, I have a note by my laptop that says, “Remember to blink”. I put it there after I read that we tend to blink less when we look at a computer screen or a TV monitor, which makes our eyes feel tired and irritated and strained. Reminding myself to take a few minutes and just blink rapidly is one of my resolutions to keep my vision from declining again.

There is also a big poster in my bathroom that says, “The poor long for riches, the rich long for heaven, but only the wise long for tranquility”. It is hard to explain why, but this quote by Swami Rama leaves me feeling peaceful and relaxed at the end of the day.

Maybe you have such reminders around your house as well?

I recently walked into my friend’s office and saw a piece of paper attached to the wall that said, “Find a way”. Chris told me that whenever he was facing a problem or had to make an important decision, staring at the blank wall in front of him, made him feel even more stuck. Having a sign there that said “Find a way” had helped him to stay focused on possible solutions and stay more productive.

This is not as strange as it may seem at a first glace.

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universal lawsDo you believe in coincidences in life?

Just yesterday you were thinking about an old friend that you had not seen for ages and for some unexplainable reason this morning they called you.

Or how about the time when you made a seemingly insignificant decision: to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks, to go to a friend’s party after work, to put your profile on one of the online dating websites – and this decision changed the course of your life.

Or about the time when you almost ran out of gas in the middle of Everglades National Park and suddenly right after a road sign “crocodile crossing” there it was – a tiny gas station lost in the middle of nowhere? (Ok this might not have happened to you. But I am sure that you have a similar crazy story to tell, when a situation you found yourself in looked absolutely hopeless, but strangely enough it resolved itself in the best possible way).

The question I ask myself is – are all these events just a chain of coincidences or have they been carefully woven into the invisible fabric of reality that we call destiny?

How does it work? Can we change or escape our fate or are there some events that we must face no matter what?

I wish I had it all figured out, but I am still trying to find answers to these questions. What I have read, studied and noticed from my personal experience is that there are a few Universal Laws that work without fail throughout the course of our life and to some extent shape our destiny.

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thangs you can't changeThe secret of happiness is knowing that there are some things you can control and some things you cannot.” – Epictetus

It is empowering to know that there are some things we can change and very reassuring to know that there are others that we can not. Things that are within our control, open a world of ever-increasing possibilities to us. Things we can not change or control allow us to develop acceptance, patience, wisdom and flexibility.

The challenge as I see it, is to tell the difference between the two. How do you know when to persist and when to let go? What are the things that are worth changing and which ones are better left alone?

There are 3 Things on my list that were the biggest source of frustration, stress and misery for me until I accepted the fact that they are out of my control.

Here are my conclusions:

1. You can't change your past

This sounds pretty obvious and yet we still dwell on things that we have not accomplished, imagine all the vindictive and ironic lines that we could have said to someone two days after an argument and beat ourselves up for the silly mistakes that we have made. I know that I am not immune to this. However, the bottom line is that neither you, nor I can change the past. We can learn from it, cherish it or, at least, accept it. But there is no sense on dwelling on it!

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