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August was a rich month. Creativity was floating all around and many self-help bloggers published incredible articles that offer great insights, productivity hacks, happiness boosters, and sometimes a total perspective change! Here are my personal 35 favorites that you don't want to miss (detailed list): How To Stop Being Addicted To Email Hey email junkies this one is for you from the Asian Efficiency...

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Grocery Shopping Psychology is a real science and that our consumer brain can be manipulated into buying more. Find out how to outsmart the stores!According to The New York Times, the average American spends 139 hours, 55 minutes shopping every year. It means that we spend one-and-a-half days a month shopping.

I am not a big fan of shopping, unless you take me to a funky design store or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Another necessary ‘evil’ I cannot escape is grocery shopping. It is not that I mind buying groceries. It is just that I probably spend more time in the supermarket than the average American does.

I like to read the labels and compare different products. Where do the strawberries come from? How much sodium does this bag of pita chips contain? How about saturated fats?
Then there are hundreds of choices to make…

Which eggs to buy? Local? Cage-free? Vegetarian-fed? Organic? Omega-3-enriched?

Sometimes it is simply overwhelming. And on top of all this, there are prices and specials to consider.

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I live right by the ocean. It’s nice. A refreshing sea breeze, rustling palm trees, the soothing rhythmic sound of the waves lulling you to sleep - that’s how I imagined life by the ocean. Boy, I was wrong… the non-stop drilling coming from the parking area, traffic noise and the hum of the neighbor’s air-conditioning at night seem to go...

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Can you increase happiness like a muscle and experience more joy and fulfillment? What if you spend 10-15 minutes a day working on your "happiness muscle"?What if instead of working out in the gym we dedicated 10-15 minutes a day to increase our happiness? Would it not be great to train your mind and notice yourself becoming more positive, more satisfied with your life and eventually more successful?

It actually works in this exact order. Only now have the bright minds of positive psychology like Shawn Achor started to burst the bubble of “I need to work harder to be more successful, so that I can become happier.”

Many of us still live by this formula waiting for happiness to come. “I need to work harder on my relationships, to become a better parent, a better spouse, a better friend and, eventually, everyone will love and appreciate me”, “I need to work harder to get promoted and then I will be happy with my career”, “I need to work harder to make more money and then I will be able to retire, buy a beautiful beach home and live the life of my dreams”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not work harder. I am saying that we should change the formula to

I need to work harder to increase my happiness right now”.

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Friendship is among the most fundamental of human needs, and nothing is going to change this. Friends keep us sane. They make us laugh. They surprise us with their generosity. They have the courage to tell us the truth even if we might not like it and enough tact to know when to stop giving advice and just let us...

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Quick - what’s more important intuition or logic? You gut feeling says: intuition. But when you start thinking about it, your mind will tell you that logic is more reliable and makes more sense – because it’s logical. It’s great when your mind and your heart are aligned, but what happens when they point in the opposite directions? Can rationalizing actually hurt...

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Do you consider yourself to be a confident person? I did, until I've read a post by Steven Aitchison on 5 Weird Confidence Building Exercises. The first exercise he suggested was called the Wrong Shop exercise. This is how it works. You walk into a store and ask for something totally weird that the store doesn't sell. For example, you walk...

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Our life is a combination of past experiences, future goals and expectations, current struggles and achievements. The way we perceive it highly depends on our perspective. However, our self-perception is often distorted by: •Negative self-beliefs. It may sound strange, but negative self-beliefs are often developed to protect the true self from setbacks and disappointments. A person focuses on the worst possible...

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