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It is now official! Behavior researchers and psychologists have proved something most of us have intuited long ago – people do not like to take risks even at the cost of letting valuable opportunities pass by. What is so unattractive about taking risks? Nothing really. Apart from the possibility of losing something valuable, be it money, better opportunity, or our self-esteem. We like...

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We all crave being loved, cared for, appreciated and understood. 99% of what we do, think, say, fear, and desire can be, one way or another, linked back to our need for affiliation and approval. And this is not surprising, because without close satisfying relationships our life becomes lonely, boring and meaningless. Relationships, on the other hand, make it exciting,...

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Want to enjoy the better life? Read these 33 smart rules to live buy for more joyful and fulfilling life!Is there something that you would like to improve about your life?

Here are small ideas on how you can do this. Maybe one of these ideas will speak to you and make your day a little more zen.

A to Z(en) of a Better Life

A- Ask. Ask for help when you need it. Ask for support. Ask and it will be given to you. It is that simple.

B- Build momentums. An amazing life is a sum of little, everyday decisions to take action, when it was easier to do nothing.

C- Create your own opportunities. Waiting for the right time is a myth created by people who did not feel like taking action. Don't follow their lead. Give more than you planned to.

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August was a rich month. Creativity was floating all around and many self-help bloggers published incredible articles that offer great insights, productivity hacks, happiness boosters, and sometimes a total perspective change! Here are my personal 35 favorites that you don't want to miss (detailed list): How To Stop Being Addicted To Email Hey email junkies this one is for you from the Asian Efficiency...

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Can you increase happiness like a muscle and experience more joy and fulfillment? What if you spend 10-15 minutes a day working on your "happiness muscle"?What if instead of working out in the gym we dedicated 10-15 minutes a day to increase our happiness? Would it not be great to train your mind and notice yourself becoming more positive, more satisfied with your life and eventually more successful?

It actually works in this exact order. Only now have the bright minds of positive psychology like Shawn Achor started to burst the bubble of “I need to work harder to be more successful, so that I can become happier.”

Many of us still live by this formula waiting for happiness to come. “I need to work harder on my relationships, to become a better parent, a better spouse, a better friend and, eventually, everyone will love and appreciate me”, “I need to work harder to get promoted and then I will be happy with my career”, “I need to work harder to make more money and then I will be able to retire, buy a beautiful beach home and live the life of my dreams”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not work harder. I am saying that we should change the formula to

I need to work harder to increase my happiness right now”.

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Friendship is among the most fundamental of human needs, and nothing is going to change this. Friends keep us sane. They make us laugh. They surprise us with their generosity. They have the courage to tell us the truth even if we might not like it and enough tact to know when to stop giving advice and just let us...

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It has become common knowledge that successful people are early risers. Although, no one can guarantee that getting up early will necessarily make you successful, there are some sound reasons why successful people choose to wake up before the sunrise.“One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.” ~Robert Brault

It has become common knowledge that successful people are early risers. Although, no one can guarantee that getting up early will necessarily make you successful, there are some sound reasons why successful people choose to wake up before the sunrise.

Here are eight reasons to wake up early:

1. Mindful start of the day

The first 15 minutes after you wake up set the mood and the pace for the whole day. If you jump out of bed thinking, “OMG! I’m late!” or immediately start mulling over all the problems that you have to solve today, it probably means that you are not starting your day on the right foot. Waking up early actually gives you time to become conscious of your surroundings, stretch your body, smile to yourself, listen to some great music, and truly feel how blessed you are, because you have been given the opportunity to live another day and make it wonderful.

2. More free time

It is as simple as that – if you wake up 2-3 hours earlier, you get majority of the tasks on your to-do list done by noon. It means that you do not have to stay late after work to finish your projects. You can get home earlier and spend quality time with your family. Or if you do not feel like starting your day with work, you can still use those 2 precious extra hours to meditate, work out, pursue a hobby, cook yourself a delicious breakfast or plan out your day. In any case you expand your free time!

3. Important health benefits

Besides obvious benefits of rising early like having plenty of time to do a quick work out, or eating a healthy balanced breakfast (instead of skipping it), there are other interesting discoveries made in this area. A study conducted of college students conducted by Wilse B. Webb, Ph.D., and Michael H. Bonnet, Ph.D., of the University of Florida demonstrated that “larks (or early risers) reported waking up feeling more rested”, having “fewer worries” and getting more “adequate sleep”. They also awakened feeling physically better than “owls” (late risers).

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Is there even such a thing as “Rules of Happiness”? I believe so. The #1 Rule in my happiness agenda is “Living my life in the happiest way I can while trying my best not to cause unhappiness to anyone else.” Because every single person on the Planet has the right to be happy, and you are not an exception. Happiness...

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