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rules of life

A to Z(en) of a Better Life

Want to enjoy the better life? Read these 33 smart rules to live buy for more joyful and fulfilling life!Is there something that you would like to improve about your life?

Here are small ideas on how you can do this. Maybe one of these ideas will speak to you and make your day a little more zen.

A to Z(en) of a Better Life

A- Ask. Ask for help when you need it. Ask for support. Ask and it will be given to you. It is that simple.

B- Build momentums. An amazing life is a sum of little, everyday decisions to take action, when it was easier to do nothing.

C- Create your own opportunities. Waiting for the right time is a myth created by people who did not feel like taking action. Don't follow their lead. Give more than you planned to.

D- Don't gossip. It feels wrong to make yourself look good at other people's expense.

E- Embrace simplicity. Make “less is more” your life mantra. We really don’t need much to be happy, even if we are constantly told otherwise.

F- Find mentors. We are the average of 5 people that we spend most of our time with. Think of how much your life would change, if you surrounded yourself with extraordinary people that you deeply respect and admire?

G- Get to know yourself. We all spend a lot of time learning about politics, economics, and science. Why not take time to learn about the biggest miracle of all – yourself?

H- Have faith. Believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. If you can not immediately see it, give it time. It will make perfect sense very soon.

I- Invest in relationships. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get to know new people and learn from them.

J- Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. Whether it is your time, your efforts or your dreams.

K- Know your blessings. Quickly, what are the first 5 that come to your mind?

L- Live every day with a fresh new start. It's not too late to make today great!

M- Make a difference. Whatever you do, leave the world better than you found it.

N- Never, never, never give up! You are much closer to your goal than you think.

O- Open your mind to change.

P- Practice being vulnerable. You can only create deeper connections with people, when you are not afraid to be who you are, both with your strengths and your weaknesses.

Q- Quit complaining. If you can not do anything about it, let it go. If you can, why waste your time and energy complaining?

R- Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

S- Set a worthy goal. Just one right goal can make your whole life meaningful.

T- Take time to thank people.

U- Use criticism to grow. Take it as feedback, but don't let it guide your choices.

V- Visualize what you want, not what you don’t want. It is mind-blowing how often we run negative “what if” scenarios through our mind instead of thinking about the wonderful things that we want to see more of.

W- Write a letter to your future self. What advice would you give your future self? How do you envision your life in 1 or 3 years from now?

XeXcel through practice and repetition. 95% of what we do, we do automatically. The good news is that by making small positive changes in your routine and practicing them on a daily basis, we can easily transform our life.

Y- Yearn for knowledge. Practice the art of “not knowing” and don’t let your experience, your degree or your age stand in your way of learning.

Z- Zoom out to see the big picture. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves to see things clearly, slow down to choose the right direction and let go to receive what we wanted.

  • jaga
    September 20, 2012 at 7:09 am

    very nice

  • Moly Abouelhassan
    September 21, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Love it!! Thanks a lot!!

  • savleena narula
    September 23, 2012 at 8:07 am

    very well explained …..def its worth trying out the steps to a better life and future.thx

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