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The ‘Cold Turkey’ Way to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Can asking a silly question really boost your self-confidence?Do you consider yourself to be a confident person? I did, until I've read a post by Steven Aitchison on 5 Weird Confidence Building Exercises.

The first exercise he suggested was called the Wrong Shop exercise. This is how it works. You walk into a store and ask for something totally weird that the store doesn't sell. For example, you walk into a McDonalds and ask for a KFC Bucket or go to a home electronics store and ask if they sell flowers.

The aim of this exercise is to let go of inhibitions and be willing to make a fool of yourself. This exercise should teach you not to care too much about what other people may think of you and not to take yourself too seriously.

So my question is – Would you do it? I've realized off the bat how uncomfortable this would be. Can you imagine, walking into the store, patiently waiting in line only to ask an obviously stupid question?

Some people do crazier things to boost their self-confidence…

My friend once told me that she participated in a workshop, where everyone had to do one thing to face their fears. My friend went to a main city square, put a hat on the ground and started singing Jazz. To help you understand the leap that she made outside her comfort zone, I have to share one important detail with you – she can’t sing!

Later she told me that it was the most unusual and liberating experience in her life. By the way, her off-key performance had actually earned her a cup of Caffe latte with a bear claw!

Bottom line is:

Very rarely we give ourselves permission to do something silly and embarrassing. Just don’t get any wrong ideas. Running around in your underwear is not the solution we’re talking about here (although, it would definitely make you look silly and feel pretty embarrassing).

It’s not about offending other people’s feelings with your behavior or making THEM feel embarrassed. It’s about growing your inner strength and boosting YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE by putting yourself in situations where you are forced to overcome the self-imposed limitations.

Try the Wrong Shop exercise and share your experience in the comment section below! 🙂

If you want to read more about 5 weird exercises to boost your self-confidence, including “Asking for a Hug” and “Being Wrong on Purpose”, you can do it here.

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