“The Optimist Creed” in 13 Inspirational Pictures

What does it mean to you to stay optimistic?

A few days ago I stumbled upon “The Optimist Creed” and I got my question answered. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered that this creed was written exactly 100 years ago! It first appeared in Christian D. Larson’s book “Your Forces and How to Use Them” in 1912. Since that time The Optimism Creed has turned into a Positivity Mantra for thousands of people. It has been used in hospitals to help patients recover from illness; in locker rooms to improve athletes’ performance; in offices to help people find their inner drive and motivation.

I hope that it will remind you of all great things that are worth remembering and fill your days with optimism, inspiration and love.


optimism creed

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Stay well!

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9 thoughts on ““The Optimist Creed” in 13 Inspirational Pictures

    • I agree, David. Someone will read it 100 years from now and say “Wow! This is something I have to live by!” 

    • Hi Tim, 

      This is exactly why I have started Quote of the Day. It gives me a boost of inspiration  – first, when I look for the right quotes and second – when I receive them. 🙂

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