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Stories Of Successful People

Stories of successful people

Why is it important to read stories of successful people?

Probably like everyone else, I have tried to understand why when some people achieve stellar success and enjoy every second of their lives, while others spend their days in misery and poverty.

People who fail to achieve their goals usually put it down to unsupportive parents and family, lack of education, poor financial situation, lack of “connections”, ill-health, lack of time, personal characteristics or bad economy.

Most of us have been told since early childhood that, “You have to work hard for your money”, that “All successful people are evil, cunning, selfish, and greedy”, that “You have to have money/connections to make money and become successful”, and that “Some people are born under a lucky star, while others are followed by “bad luck”.

Indeed, the lives of many successful and wealthy people seem perfect and care-free. They live in gorgeous mansions, drive expensive cars, wear stylish clothes, go on vacations to exotic countries, date and marry beautiful people, appear on TV, or are smiling happily at us from magazine covers.

It is easy to believe that success and wealth has come to them easily and effortlessly. Whenever, we talk or read about famous people, we never equate ourselves with them. It is almost as if they belong to a “special group”. We can either envy or admire them, but rarely do we think of them as “regular” or “ordinary” (just like me or you).

I believe it happens because few of us realize that most successful people came from poor families, have had abusive parents, started at the very bottom and climb their way up, faced multiple setbacks, and made hundreds of mistakes before they achieved their goals.

These people have changed this world and demonstrated by their own example that nothing is impossible. We should seek inspiration in their success stories, learn from them, adopt similar mindset, develop success habits, and apply what we have learned to our own life.

No one has ever become wealthier from counting other people’s money or happier from discussing their personal life. But every success story can be used and applied as a method, technique or a guidebook for you to become successful.

Current Stories Of Successful People:

I hope you will get inspired by reading these stories of successful people!

  • Vicky
    February 20, 2009 at 5:31 am

    You are absolutely right. I’ve seen both sides of the coin and worked closely with somebody who seemed to generate money from nowhere. Unfortunately he spent it just as quickly but had that person been wiser in saving instead of spending he would have become a millionaire after starting a business out of a garden shed. I believe it is having an invincible belief in yourself and what you can do that makes all the difference.

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