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20 thoughts on “Kick Up Your Motivation (video)

  1. Hi Arina,

    Thank you for providing all of us with so much wonderful self-help information. I am so glad that I found you by accident on the internet a couple of years ago. Your blog is excellent and your Italian accent is even better!!!

    I love you!


  2. Arina,

    That’s a very nice video. How did you make it? What software did you use to create it?


    FROM ARINA: I’m using Camtasia 6.

  3. Hi Arina,
    It was quite by chance that i found you 2 weeks back..maybe it is the law of attraction that worked..cos am trying to earn a degree at the age of 40 and i need the help of someone like you to achieve my goal.You are really good Arina.And i look forward to mails from you everyday..Keep up your good work..Thank you.

  4. Hi Arina Thanks for the Wonderful Video which was really great and I feel energetic after Watching it …………….
    Wish you all the very best as you inspire so many People like us….

  5. Dear Arina,

    You are incredible. You have done a wonder in motivational arena. This video simplifies goal achieving technique. God bless you.

    Lots of Love


  6. Dear Arina

    Thank you for all the free inspirational quotes. Especially the video on motivation is simply superb. Keep up the good work.

    Lov ya!

  7. Bibek Khatiwara July 17, 2009 at 1:34 am - Reply

    Dear Arina! Lots of love and thanks for your such a wonderful work.I am glad to receive your newsletter daily and it’s become the daily motivation dose of mine.

    May your wish be granted,god bless you my dear friend!!


  8. Hi Arina, Thanks for your messages. As usual you are rocking. I wish and pray for your happiness and success.

    Best Regards,

  9. Ive heard that pictures posted in your daily traffic areas, helps you to meet your goals but havent had anyone explain it in a simple way that makes sense. This may be the time that i actually try to do it. Thanks for the daily quotes!

  10. Holz Arina, thanks for all the material you’ve sent, it has made me reach and set my goals more carefuly and with success…

  11. I finally checked my mail box and like usual I check Arina mail’s first. I find this video.

    • Literally, I’ve been feeling drained out of motivation for a couple of days. This video is exactly the boost I needed.

    • I’ll try the treasure map technique, hopefully it will work.

    Thanks Arina.

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