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  • Victor

    Great, love it!

  • Madlena Ignatova

    Thank you for this video. I really like it.

  • Koo

    Hi Arina,

    Thank you for providing all of us with so much wonderful self-help information. I am so glad that I found you by accident on the internet a couple of years ago. Your blog is excellent and your Italian accent is even better!!!

    I love you!


  • fren

    I’m being motivated! Awesome!

  • Harry


    That’s a very nice video. How did you make it? What software did you use to create it?


    FROM ARINA: I’m using Camtasia 6.

  • sharmila

    Hi Arina,
    It was quite by chance that i found you 2 weeks back..maybe it is the law of attraction that worked..cos am trying to earn a degree at the age of 40 and i need the help of someone like you to achieve my goal.You are really good Arina.And i look forward to mails from you everyday..Keep up your good work..Thank you.

  • Alphina Nancy

    Hi Arina Thanks for the Wonderful Video which was really great and I feel energetic after Watching it …………….
    Wish you all the very best as you inspire so many People like us….

  • sumanth

    i am not able to see this video i am trying to see this video it is getting loaded it is not playing plz.. help mer mail me how can i look at this video

    EDIT FROM ARINA: Try this link:

  • Amit Samel

    Dear Arina,

    You are incredible. You have done a wonder in motivational arena. This video simplifies goal achieving technique. God bless you.

    Lots of Love


  • Kumu

    Dear Arina

    Thank you for all the free inspirational quotes. Especially the video on motivation is simply superb. Keep up the good work.

    Lov ya!

  • shailesh

    Hi Arina,
    Thanks a lot for your motivational support.

  • Bibek Khatiwara

    Dear Arina! Lots of love and thanks for your such a wonderful work.I am glad to receive your newsletter daily and it’s become the daily motivation dose of mine.

    May your wish be granted,god bless you my dear friend!!


  • John

    This is great, I always enjoy the things you talk about.


  • Iliyaz

    Hi Arina, Thanks for your messages. As usual you are rocking. I wish and pray for your happiness and success.

    Best Regards,

  • Joe

    Ive heard that pictures posted in your daily traffic areas, helps you to meet your goals but havent had anyone explain it in a simple way that makes sense. This may be the time that i actually try to do it. Thanks for the daily quotes!

  • Andres Sabbagh

    Holz Arina, thanks for all the material you’ve sent, it has made me reach and set my goals more carefuly and with success…

  • Fahad

    I finally checked my mail box and like usual I check Arina mail’s first. I find this video.

    • Literally, I’ve been feeling drained out of motivation for a couple of days. This video is exactly the boost I needed.

    • I’ll try the treasure map technique, hopefully it will work.

    Thanks Arina.

  • Cornelius

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  • Carlos Santino

    Hey Love your post a lot! I My cousin told me about your site. Cool!

  • Victor Stadnichenko

    Great! Precious video. Thank you, Arina!