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If you don’t have money, you shouldn’t buy it! Or should you?

If you are worried about your future and financial security of your family, if you experience financial difficulties, if your credit card payments continue to steadily grow, it can mean three things:

shopping-habitsa) you don't make enough money

b) you don't spend your money wisely

c) you don't make enough money and you don't spend them wisely.

To have more money, you need to spend less of it! Sounds obvious, and yet any time we see the next “cool thing” we really want to have, we all face the ultimate dilemma “To buy, or not to buy!”.

Now you can stop that inner struggle and just take a quick “Affordability Quiz” to find out whether you can afford it or not!

1. If you justify your current purchase with a raise that you might get in two months, income tax refund, inheritance (or any other future event that brings you lots and lots of money)– You can't afford it!

2. If your heart misses a bit every time you see a bill in your mail box – You can't afford it!

3. If you have just enough money to make minimum payment on your credit cards – You can't afford it!

4. If instead of asking the price of the product, you ask “How large will my payments be?” – You can't afford it!

5. If you have to pause before making an online purchase to consider which of your credit cards is still under the limit – You can’t afford it!

6. If your “emergency fund” is your credit card or your parent's bank account – You can't afford it!

7. If as soon as you get some spare cash you buy something, because you “Absolutely must have it!” – You can't afford it!

8. If you have no idea where to get money to send your children to college – You can't afford it!

9. If the only investment you've made in the past year was a flat screen TV – You can't afford it!

10. If you are secretly hoping to pay off your debts by winning the lottery – You can't afford it!

I suggest that if you are an emotional buyer you print this quiz and carry it with you at all times. Before rushing into buying a new “cool thing”, take a deep breath  take it out and read it!

P.S. For the more detailed explanation, on why you should not buy things you can not afford, watch this video. It is hilarious! 🙂

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  • Henry Jacob
    November 1, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Why worry anyway? If God is in you, nothing to worry at all. You give back all your worries to God and he'll take care of everything but, you must first have faith in Him…

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