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Handwriting Analysis: What does your handwriting say about you?

Do you like your handwriting? I like mine (although, I am probably the only one who does). If I try really hard, I can pen a decent-looking ‘thank you’ note. But when I take notes I am the only one who can read them.

Sometimes I think that I have chosen the wrong profession. My penmanship definitely qualifies me to be a doctor and an honorary member of the American Medical Association – the only existing institution that takes pride in fostering of ‘non-decodable’ handwriting.

I guess, with the advent of the keyboard, scribbly or sloppy handwriting is no longer a problem. But there are still some countries that take handwriting analysis seriously. For example, studies show that around 50% of French organizations make use of graphology – the study of handwriting analysis – in their recruitment, interviewing and team-building process.

What would your handwriting analysis say about you?

Are you competitive? Detail oriented? Impatient? Confident? Creative?

It turns graphology distinguishes over 5,000 personality traits, based on the size, shape and slant of our letters, spacing between words, pressure applied on the pen when writing, etc…

The scientific world has been skeptical to call ‘graphology’ a science, as there is no research that would prove the correlation between our handwriting and personality traits. In spite of this, handwriting analysis is still used as an aid in diagnosis and tracking of diseases of the brain and nervous system. It can also help you to spot a written lie.

Read the infographic below and see what your handwriting says about you. Does it match your personality? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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