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35 Articles That Inspired Me In August (and boosted my productivity along the way)

August was a rich month.

Creativity was floating all around and many self-help bloggers published incredible articles that offer great insights, productivity hacks, happiness boosters, and sometimes a total perspective change!

Here are my personal 35 favorites that you don't want to miss (detailed list):

How To Stop Being Addicted To Email


Hey email junkies this one is for you from the Asian Efficiency team. I know you are out there waiting for that pleasurable “ding” notification sound to go off just so you can check your mail. We have all been there. We all are there. That weird freaky dependency on technology! But there lies the problem. Obsessing over emails interrupts your work flow and lowers your productivity. Did you know that it takes about 25 minutes to refocus after interruption? Calm down, I know it’s not your fault, its necessary evil! However there is definitely something you can do about it. Thanh Pham provides a list of things you can do to take control over your email addiction and increase your productivity.

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5 Common Mistakes That Cause The 12 Week Year to Fail (and What to Do About Them)

One more gem from Asian Efficiency blog that is impossible not to include in August favorites!

Have you heard about 12 Week Year system by Brian.P.Moran? It is a system that can take your productivity to the whole new level you probably never dreamed possible. For those who tried it you may have noticed that it is not so easy to implement it into your daily life.

Zachary goes through the most common mistakes people make when trying to implement 12 Week Year System and how you can avoid them.

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Why You’re Not Living Your Purpose And Fulfilling Your Potential

Take a look at this article published by Powered by Intuition blog.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you think that you’re not living your life to the fullest?

If you feel that there’s got to be more to life, than your intuition is definitely trying to tell you something. Pay attention! Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention. Answer your intuitive call. It will always lead you in the right direction.

This materialistic world with his social standards, rules and restrictions push us to become something we are not, just for the sake of fitting in and feeling accepted. It takes courage to follow your heart and to stand out.

Angela provides tools to overcome your fear, let go and to truly live your truth. Practicing these ways of living daily, will definitely put you on the right track and help you achieve your potential.

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Serotonin: The Truth You Need For Memory Improvement

Anthony Metivier published a well-researched article on the effects of serotonin.

  • Do you get frustrated when you cannot recall something?
  • Do you wish to improve your memory?
  • Do you sometimes wish you were an elephant?

Elephants really do have exceptionally good memories but this article is not about them, it is about serotonin.

Serotonin is a chemical that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to another. It improves your memory abilities, it helps you feel good, sleep better and it affects your mood.

Now you would certainly want to know more about this magical chemical and how to boost its effect on your brain. Anthony gives great advise on how to improve your memory abilities and what activities should you take to enhance that serotonin effect.

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Simple Time Management Rules

When Brendon Burchard offers advise, I closely listen. 🙂

In this episode he talks about the essential principles of time management.

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. Implement these principles into your life and you will see instant results!

See full episode >

4 Keys to High Performance

Brendon strikes again.

This time, with outstanding advice on how to improve your performance.

You know how they say “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got”.

Well this is entirely true, but it is time to change the game. Let’s talk about high performance. Let’s talk about living every day like is your last one. It is always hard at the beginning to switch your mindset but persistence is everything.

Brendon defines 4 keys to high performance: physiology, psychology, productivity, and persuasion. Try them out, make the change, see the results!

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8 Ways To Have More Time

Chris Guillebau’s article on time management is impressive.

Do you sometimes feel as if 24 hours in a day aren’t enough do to all the things you planned to do? How do you cope with this?

With the right knowledge and time management everything is possible. Prioritizing is important and it saves time. Chris will teach you how to get that extra time by eliminating unnecessary meetings, things and people. If you struggle with your schedule then this might be the breath of fresh air that you so desperately need.

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It Often Doesn’t Matter How Productive You Are

Hey, all of you working people! A Life of Productivity blog has a though-provoking article just for you.

Here's the thought that stopped me in my track:

There is no productivity, there are only proofs of productivity.


When it comes to productivity we all as human beings face the same challenge! We are torn apart between the never-ending to-do list, deadlines, doing the busy work and doing what matters.

In this post Chris will give you practical advice on how to enhance your productivity by saying no to things that drain your energy and creativity. Get enough sleep, take breaks and do not overwork yourself. You performance will be better and you will achieve more.

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Waking Up Early Doesn’t Make You More Productive. Here’s What Does

One more counter-intuitive article from Chris Bailey.

Rise and shine sleepy heads, here's an amazing article for you, or better don't. You'll be sleepy the whole day.

Chris will explain you why waking up early is not linked with productivity and success.

Night owls you can finally relax. You do not need to wake up early to be successful.

So what is the secret of productive people? What do they know? Chris gives away the secret of productive people…

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The One Thing All Wealthy People Have In Common

“I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad Buy all of the things I never had” -Bruno Mars is preaching on this one and so did Charlie Hoehn shares a great insight in his article.

Everyone wants to be wealthy, we all dream about that, but school and society teach us something else. We are taught to play it safe and get a secure job. Charlie studies the things rich people have in common, how they win and what strategies they use. The one thing they have in common is that they earn money in their sleep.


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Always Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You Need

Time Management Ninja always pulls off amazing articles with a whole lot of valuable tips.

Time is everything. In order to save time we all rush things up. There is no pleasure in rushing. You will get anxious, you will make more mistakes and you will feel exhausted at the end of the day. We overestimate our abilities and always give too little time for too many activities. Being unrealistic about our time is our specialty.

Craig suggests that you should always give yourself more time than you think a task will take. He provides effective tips and tricks on how to achieve that.

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10 Essential Edits To Help You Get Your Life Back

Whoa! This is one hell of inspiring article from Be more with less.

We often ignore that tiny little inner voice that tells us what is good for us and what will simply not work. We ignore it to the point our life becomes unbearable and we can’t take it no more. Then we feel depressed and unsatisfied.

Courtney provides one personalized story about this type of struggle. She also gives you valuable tricks and tips on how to overcome it and bounce back to happy and fulfilling life.

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11 Self-Improvement Techniques That’ll Change Your Life

If you were in search of self-improvement mechanisms then Wealthy Gorilla might have the right thing for you.

Dan will give you some great ideas to upgrade your life, and if you follow the instructions you will definitely improve it.

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Keep Earning Your Title, Or It Expires

A great reminder from Derek Sivers.

If you want to maintain your success, then you should remember that is not final. It requires constant work and improvement. You cannot simply rely on your past actions and hope for a lifetime of success. You have to keep earning your title.

In Derek’s personal story you will find great insights on how to keep growing.

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The Two Ways To Move Through Life

An amazing article from Raptitude on how we move through life.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we basically move through life in one of two ways, and each of us has a favorite.

We’re either moving towards what we want, or we’re moving away from what we don’t want.


David will teach you a lesson about how everything is not black and white and how you should find middle in every single aspect of your life. He examines the positive and negative sides on each of the ways we move through life. At the end, there is a big conclusion and a powerful lesson every person should know about.

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88 More Truths I’ve learned About Life

If you’re in need of life manual, this is the one.

David provides tips on every single aspect of life and the best thing is – it is all from personal experience. If you want to save yourself from troubles, if you want to achieve more take a look his article. This list will give you a lot of aha! moments.

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mindset In 20 Minutes

The article that Success magazine has published is a must for everyone who wants to improve their way of thinking… in just 20 minutes.

This is a powerful routine for altering your state and switching gears. You can also incorporate it into your morning routine for more productive and mindful day!

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“Should I Add This Project to My Life?” (Here’s a Simple Flow Chart to Help You Decide)

If you suck at making choices and you are that indecisive person who cannot take initiative and waits centuries to make decision, this diagram from Putty Like is something that it will help you for sure.


Emilie gives that and more. She will give you a lesson on assertiveness, prioritizing and staying true to yourself.

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How to Grab The Reins of Life and Win it Over

There are times when we have to say enough is enough.

Experience will certainly make you wiser and when it does you will see your past mistakes in different light. You will want to change. You will want to start from the beginning.

That is what Iva did. At the age of 51 she decided to redefine herself and her life. She started implementing simple and positive actions. This article will give you hope, great tips and it will teach you that age is just a number and it is never too late for change.

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Where You “Should” Be vs Where You Are

Powerful and personal article from Emily Bennington. A great reminder to all of us. Simply put, must-read.

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How To Be An Expert: 8 Proven Secrets To Superior Skill

This article is another well-researched masterpiece I am spoiled to expect from Bakadesuyo.

Being an expert at something really pays off. There is widespread concern among people that becoming one is really hard and long process. What if I told you that there is a simpler and faster way to become one?

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Get More Done with (a Lot) Less Stress: 12 Helpful Daily Habit

Stress, that feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure! Positivity blog hides easy solution for you in this article. When you feel overwhelmed you are not productive and you cannot think and act positively.

Are you tired of being tired?

Is stress zapping your energy?

If the answer to those questions is yes, than you are one click away from solving your problem. Henrik gives brief explanation of 12 daily habits which will improve your life. Simplicity is a bliss. These habits can make your life simpler and you will become true achiever.

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4 Steps to End Your “I Don’t Feel Like It” Syndrome Forever

I Don’t Feel Like It.

How many times have you said that to yourself?

Prolific Living is here to make you never give up with this article.

We all have this long list of excuses which we use when we have to step out of our comfort zone and give our best. We miss exercise classes, we delay projects, and we stop chasing our dreams just because we don’t feel like it in the moment. It is the universal human condition that silently kills dreams.

This article is all about the opposite, taking action instead of giving up. No more, “I don’t feel like it”. Follow these practical steps and break the cycle. Move, hydrate, meditate and accept.

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The Shadow Side of Greatness

Success is complicated.

James Clear explores that and clarifies myths about success in this article.

We love to praise people for becoming famous, for winning championships, and for making tons of money, but we rarely discuss the costs of success.


James did the in-depth analysis of the success of Pablo Picasso and his dark side. He was a genius, extremely successful but suffered a lot from the dark side of the fame. Through the analysis of his persona James provides valuable lessons on how to make the choices that will grant us true happiness.

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$174K in 6 Months: How One Mental Shift Made Me More Money Than Marketing Ever Did

Mindset is everything. If you’re aligned with your inner self you will definitely achieve your dreams.

So before you take any action you have to sit down and figure things out. Once you do, then you will have a clearer vision of the person you would like to become. That’s exactly what Jennifer did…

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How to Spend the First 60 Seconds of Your Day to Wake Up Winning

In what mood are you when you wake up? Do you jump out of the bed, singing and dancing?

If not, this article is just in time for you. Your start of the day affects your actions throughout the whole day greatly. Jonathan explains how the simple activity which takes one minute to perform will allow youto go through the rest of the day happy and satisfied.

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One Important Shift in Mindset to Find More Satisfaction in Life

If you want to live your life purposefully, then Becoming Minimalist has the perfect article for you.

We are most satisfied in life when we are most proud of the work we do — both in purpose and in quality. This statement is the ultimate truth. Work is a great part of our life and it must provide satisfaction and happiness.

Joshua addresses “The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love” – article by Robert.H.Frank economics professor at the Cornell University. By examining his findings on work and happiness the article provides valuable tips about mindset, work and happiness.

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15 Minutes to Attracting Abundance: Guided Meditation

A beautiful meditation from Purpose Fairy.

When you feel relaxed and in touch with yourself you will attract abundance in life. Opening up to everything, getting in sync with the flow of the energy which circles all around us is the best thing you can do for yourself. Luminita provides a soothing guidance on how to attract more abundance. Put on your headphones, turn off the phone and for 15 minutes just let go.

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Make These Two Lists Everyday to Boost Productivity

Don’t you think that to-do lists are the best? List producer most certainly does think so in this exceptional article.

Yes, lists are great, except when you have too many things written down on them. These lists do make your day more manageable but they also can be overwhelming.

There is a solution for that. You don’t have to throw away the idea of “To do list” you just have to upgrade it. Paulas' approach is all you will ever need to manage your to-do list successfully.

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The Maxim For Every Successful Person; ‘Always Stay A Student

This article is a must-read from Ryan Holiday.

It is not enough only to be a student at the beginning. It is a position that one has to assume for life. Learn from everyone and everything.

This article gives valuable lessons through analysis of the life of Genghis Khan, a great barbarian conqueror. He was the greatest conqueror the world ever knew because he was more open to learning than any other conqueror has ever been. Through analysis of his personality and actions Ryan comes to conclusion that you don’t have to be genius to achieve greatness. You just have to be persistent and open to new things.

Read full article >

New Ultralearning Project: Can You Learn to Draw Realistic Portraits in One Month?

Scott H. Yong explains his journey of learning how to paint. But wait a minute! This article is not only about art, it is so much more. Scott was interested in learning how to draw realistic portraits and during the process he discovered valuable lessons on how to master a complex skill.

Describing every single step of the process, this article will become your guide for learning new skills. It will give you a brand new perspective and pump up your enthusiasm and optimism when you want to learn new things and expand your knowledge.

Read full article >

Goal Setting Activities of Olympic Athletes (and what they can teach the rest of us)

Olympians can teach us quite a bit about goal setting activities. They have worked all of their lives for one ultimate goal. Their lessons are pretty valuable and can teach us how to achieve our goals and make our lives better.

Scott gives lessons about how you can learn from this amazing people. You will find 21 effective techniques of reaching your goals that Olympians are using to achieve greatness.

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How To Sleep Like A Boss

Quality sleep is something that happy people get every night. Sometimes is hard to get there, because we end up obsessing about the next day and about the future.

Richard explains a simple way of how to eliminate anxiety about future and have a better sleep. It’s simple. Plan out exactly what needs to be done the following day!

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How To Actually Work Harder

If you want more accomplished in a day, you put in more time in a day! Working hard is subjective, what is hard for some people for the others is a piece of cake.

Victor explains why the idea of working hard is so misunderstood by so many people. This misunderstanding creates negative attitudes and that is why so many people give up. They say success is a marathon and not a sprint. And it’s correct. That's why consistency is your key.


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One Extremely Easy Way to Be More Grateful

This article by “Science of people” is a spot on information on how to be more grateful.

We are so busy with our lives that we completely forget to be grateful. Practicing gratefulness everyday will change your life completely.

So why do we always forget about this positive activity and focus only on the problems?

What should we do to incorporate gratefulness in our everyday lives?

Do you know what a gratitude totem is?

A totem is a symbol, reminder or representation that serves as an emblem. It helps to remind the user of an idea, memory or behavior. We should all pick a gratitude totem such as person or an object, something you see every day.


Whenever you see your gratitude totem you will remember that you have something to be grateful about.

Read full article >

So you see how abundant was August! If you haven't read any of those posts I urge you to schedule them into your September reading. You won't regret.

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