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Real Goal Getting

Real Goal Getting is practical, easy to follow step-by-step guide that will help you attain your goals and overcome every obstacle t that stands in your way. It will show you how to achieve your goals your own way, using both your natural gifts and your shortcomings to your advantage.

  • Even if you don’t have any willpower…
  • Even if you don’t have any time for goal setting…
  • Even if the word “planning” scares you to death…
  • Even if you have the unbeatable habit of putting things off…
  • Even if you failed all your New Years resolutions…

It does not matter. What matters is your desire to succeed.

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Real Happiness

Maybe just like me in the past, you are investing too much of your time, effort and energy in one particular area and putting the rest of your life out of balance. If it sounds about right, then “Real Happiness: 7 Slices of Joyful Life” book could be the answer you have been looking for.

  • Learn about 5 different levels of goals and identify where exactly you stand
  • Uncover and transform 4 Self-Imposed Factors that limit your achievements and keep you trapped in a negativity thinking cycle
  • Take 3 Easy Steps to Financial Success and gratifying work that feels like a Hobby
  • Find out what Real Love is that we all secretly search for and why it feels so good

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