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7 Amazing Kids To Be Inspired By

Kids are AMAZING. They really are.

They make us smile. They remind us that the world is a continuous wonder. They show us how to be authentic. They inspire us to love generously and forgive instantly.

kidsThey don’t know how to hold grudges for over 5 minutes. They are terrible at keeping secrets. And they don’t have a punch line for jokes. In fact, if they start to tell a joke they will actually laugh from beginning to end.

They are our joy, our inspiration and our little mentors. If we are attentive enough, we will see tens of life lessons that they are teaching us every day.

Here are just some of the great lessons that we can learn from our children…

7 Amazing Kids to be Inspired By

1. Caine's cardboard arcade


I’ve already written about nine-year old Caine Monroy, who built an elaborate cardboard arcade out of old boxes in his dad’s used autoparts store. Using scissors, scotch, glue and tons of imagination, Caine built his own claw machine, baseball and soccer games. He even thought of such details as tickets, daily passes and prizes.

How many clients did he need to turn his venture into success? Just one. Nirvan Mullick, who saw Caine’s Arcade by chance and made a film about it.

Since the 10 minute movie has been released, it has been watched by more than 4 million people, over $100,000 has been raised towards Caine’s future and thousands of children have been inspired to build their own cardboard games, participating in the Global Cardboard Challenge.

You can see more about it here and get inspired!

2. Jack draws anything


This is another very inspirational story about a little boy – Jack, determined to help sick children. After Jack’s 2-year-old brother Noah was taken ill, Jack did not sit around and wait for him to get back home. He came up with an idea to use his drawings as a way to raise money for the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh, where his brother was receiving treatment.

The website called “Jack Draws Anything” was born, where people could request a drawing in return for making a donation.

The site attracted a lot of attention and the initial donation target of $200 was smashed in just 24 hours. In one year, Jack drew over 540 pictures and raised over $70,000 for the hospital.

You can watch his story here (just make sure that you have some tissues with you).

3. Cameron’s iPhone app


Cameron CohenAfter surgery at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, Cameron Cohen was stuck at home in a hip-to-toe leg brace. During six long months the 11-year-old boy, unable to play sports or hang out with his friends, decided to dedicate his time to learning computer programming.

He actually taught himself computer programming, came up with an idea and wrote a new iPhone application called iSketch and started selling it in an online apps store.

iSketch took off and to his parent’s surprise Cameron actually started receiving money for his idea. Then he surprised them again, declaring that he wanted to donate $20,000 to Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center to repay the doctor’s kindness, when he was in the hospital.

Sometimes it takes a six-grader to teach us, adults, how to make the maximum out of every situation and share our blessings.

4. Olivia Bee – teen photographer


15-year-old Olivia Grace Bolles or Olivia Bee enrolled in a photography class by accident and did not like it at first. But she stuck to it and soon discovered that the best way for her to keep a diary of her teenage life was through pictures. The girl from Portland, Oregon never dreamed of gaining fame as a photographer. She simply wanted to capture memories of her teen life, so she would not lose them along the way.

Yet her talent has gained her recognition, an army of fans, and contracts from such magazines and brands as Seventeen, The New York Times, Converse, Nike, Fiat USA and Levi’s. You can see a short video about her and her amazing work here.

Kind of makes you wonder how much you can accomplish if you just stick with something and follow through with it. Even if you don’t like it at first.

5. Jackson’s trip to Kinder garden


Do you know how sometimes if you routinely take the same road from home to work, you do it almost automatically? Well, Jackson Goldstone’s trip to kinder garden is never boring. He spices things up by taking his Kick bike and doing drops and tricks along the way. You can watch it here and applaud Jackson’s parents’ patience and mental stamina for not stopping their child from pursuing his passion.

6. Andrew helps kids in Somalia


Andrew Adansi-Bonnah World hunger is one of those global problems that seem almost unresolvable. Fortunately, 11-year old Andrew Adansi-Bonnah was too young to understand this. After seeing the images of starving babies in Somalia, this boy from Ghana decided to start his campaign called “Save Somali Children from Hunger”. He walked from office to office in his bright orange T-shirt, collecting donations in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

In just the first 3 months he managed to collect $6,500. It might not seem a lot, but if you take in to consideration that the average salary in Ghana is $208 a month and that of Somalia is $50 a month, it is clear that Andrew’s efforts have made a huge difference to a lot of people.

Yet, when Andrew first voiced out his noble idea, the thought that ran through his dad’s mind was “Why a child of his age should be concerned about people far away from him?

Maybe, as adults, we miss one simple thing… Problems are called ‘global’, because they should concern every single one of us – globally, no matter where we live, how old we are and how much money we make.

7. Ethan Bortnick plays piano


Besides being an amazing kid, Ethan Bortnick is a pianist, composer, and one of the world’s youngest philanthropists. He started to play the piano when he was 3 and by the age of 9 he had given his own National PBS Concert Special. Ethan can play any song by ear and has already made appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Good Morning America and raised more than $30 million for kid’s charities.

Despite all of his stellar success, Ethan told Oprah that “it is important to stay humble”.
You can watch 6-year old Ethan playing and talking about how he learned to play piano here. It is guaranteed to steal a smile from you.

What have your amazing kids taught you?

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